10th Edition of ‘The Snapshot of Digital India’ Released by Ethinos Digital Marketing

A curated, extensive report on the Indian online marketing industry


MUMBAI, July 25, 2017

Digital Marketing is the buzzword today in every brand’s communication plan and the stage is getting bigger with brands and celebrities. Ethinos Digital Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency, wanted to understand the current trends and content consumption patterns of digital India. They used a combination of primary and secondary research, collected through the usage of social media monitoring and analytics tools to curate the 10th edition of their quarterly report, The Snapshot of Digital India.

The report spills out interesting statistics on Internet connectivity, mobile usage, social media analytics and upcoming trends in India. You’ll be surprised to know that 80% of web traffic comes from mobile and a projection of 283 million active social media users in India by 2020 is being made.

Sports celebrities, Mithali Raj and Roger Federer stole the show on the field and on the web. Mithali, Indian Women’s Cricket Team Captain, not only became the highest run scorer, but also garnered several mentions on social media. On the other hand, Roger Federer, went on to dominate the grass courts of Wimbledon and the Internet on 4th July, 2017 to score his 10,000th career ace.

Siddharth Hegde, Managing Director, Ethinos Digital Marketing, says, “It is the 10th edition of the report and a highly anticipated one, as we have many professionals from across industries reaching out to us for this report. This report gives a complete picture of the Indian digital marketing landscape and trends.”

From the most preferred type of content to the smartphone market share, the report helps people from across industries to better prepare or improve their digital marketing strategies.


About Ethinos Digital Marketing:

Ethinos Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a boutique firm with unique hands-on approach to helping clients with all aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), Branding & Design, Mobile Marketing and Marketing Technology. Ethinos primarily is focused on helping the B2B, technology, banking & financial services companies with leveraging digital marketing to engage their customers.

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