Building a Company That Goes Beyond the Average Conventions of Marketing

Building a Company That Goes Beyond the Average Conventions of Marketing


Started by two DCE college students, Surbhi Jain and Akash Jai Singh, Shamoor is a creative company that blends Integrated Marketing Communication with clear cut consumer insights to transform brands into industry icons. It has a strategic approach that first keeps the consumer in mind, and then reinforces the brand context through engaging viral campaigns with the target group.

The vision of the company is to harness the maximum potential of marketing for businesses and individuals by utilizing platforms that not only include web solutions like Social Media Marketing and SEM, but also Strategic Alliances, Product Launch Campaigns, PR, Video Marketing and other Viral Activations.

Even before they were founders of Shamoor, Surbhi and Akash were college buddies. With an alignment in their vision of doing things extraordinarily, they realized they could work on something big. They launched a handicrafts start-up in 2013 and within the first month, they could generate an ROI of 300%. The beginner’s luck taught them about the importance of creativity along with the power of online marketing. Sooner, activities like branding, graffiti, web solutions, and striking creative alliances became a day-to-day affair for them.

They lived up to the tag of ‘Beyond Creative’. A young company like Shamoor is finding a niche in the pie of the well-established shark tank of the market and the most prominent tool of the company is Strategic and Viral Content Marketing. With experienced consultants, marketers, storytellers, strategists and creatives with a flair for fresh new ideas and insight into powerful campaigns, Shamoor creates content that is fuel to conversations and campaigns that have the potential to trend on the Internet.

Team Shamoor has worked with a wide range of clients from different industries, verticals and geographical locations. Their experience spans retail, services, food, manufacturing, news and entertainment, media, technology, corporations, distribution channels and much more. They have executed an overall of over 1000 projects, out of which more than 350 projects were in 2016. Shamoor is currently working with more than 50 companies for their round-the-year brand campaigns. They created a potential business opportunity of about 100 crore in the market through their strategic marketing alliances with companies like Zomato, PayTM, HPM, Treebo Hotels etc. They also bagged an angel investment of INR 3 crore in the same year.

The marketing and advertising industry is very scattered in India with companies providing different independent services. However, Shamoor differentiates itself by providing 360° holistic marketing services including paid advertising, Internet marketing, viral campaigns, outdoor activations and strategic alliances, around a story that will keep the customers connected to the brand.

The founders believe that Shamoor is all about creating a unique brand philosophy. Shamoor is setting new and original trends that have revolutionized viral marketing and is helping Indian brands by uplifting them to the power of International MNCs’ marketing campaigns.

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