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Taking off with a space-age office

When a company swaps its decades-old office for three new ones, and when the new workplaces resemble a cross between a spaceship and a car showroom, it is a sure sign of a bigger organizational shift than just a change in address and the…

The return of Perumal Murugan

It’s a little past 5am, and the darkness in the streets of Namakkal, a town in Tamil Nadu, is broken by the light streaming out of tea shops, the only shutters open at that hour. A few early risers, middle-aged men, stride down the road…

The soundtrack of India

Every time I hear you grumble about the volume of the muezzin’s call that begins your day, including Sunday, with Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilahillallah or curse the cacophony of church bells or tweet about how your building society is…

Violence as a way of life

 If ever there was a man who was attentive to the tribulations of kings, that man was Kautilya. While there might have been several minds invested, across spans of time, in the composition of his Arthashastra, Kautilya’s manual of