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Meet Divya Bajaj & Vikitha Hegde, the Co-founders of India’s latest Pet Care Startup! Their goal is to make sure every dog has a home, every dog is loved and cared for and every dog is spoilt silly in the best ways known to man! This bootstrapped Startup has some really innovative ideas for the ever-growing pet care industry.

Their idea came about when they found themselves struggling with the demands of a corporate job and managing pets at home. How wonderful would it be if they could get the best stuff for their pets without having to hunt around for stuff on weekends or whenever they got the time?This service is all about providing customers with customized pet care products and a monthly subscription option – so that the pet owners can be assured of quality pet supplies while at home!

This online service has just been launched and has loads of exciting stuff for pet-parents to look forward to. For example, their subscription box “The Belly Rub Box” is a monthly subscription that is a mix of healthy and exciting goodies for dogs. A line of fresh bakes made of natural ingredients is also available that ensures pets also get yummy & healthy treats. The approach of the service is to ensure holistic pet care and hence a curated range of products and fashion accessories are also available at their online store.

House of Paws has been designed to serve all kinds of pet care needs. Their services ensure that the pets are well cared for while the pet-parents are not hassled in the process of getting the best for their little ones!

Divya & Vikitha come from families that encouraged women to be ambitious and career driven. They believe that they can take up any challenge that life throws at them and that they will figure out a way to come out as winners! This can-do attitude is what they seek to inspire to other young entrepreneurs around.

It’s not that these girls have had a cake walk on a journey so far, having been in corporate careers before, they do find the struggles with setting up a venture & getting established. However, they equip themselves with tones of meditation and the can-do attitude that fires up the passion for their business and gets them to face any challenge. They believe in taking one-day-at-a-time and manage the fire-fighting and endless checklists with a sense of ‘let’s see how we manage this’ thereby enjoying every experience and also learning deeply from it!

Some of their success mantras have been –

(1) Run a tight ship – being self-funded & not having access to too many resources has ensured that every penny is stretched to its limits.

(2) Take calculated risks – look at all possible options, weigh them with facts & data available and then decide on the actions to be taken.

(3) The plan for unplanned circumstances- face them mindfully, ensuring to keep consequences of action in alignment with the larger purpose of the business

(4) Keep the enthusiasm flowing & zest going – Keep at it and success will simply follow you like your pet!

They also have another deeper vision for dogs – that every abandoned and homeless dog gets adopted by families who seek them. They are working with several organizations and individuals to make this dream come true. Currently, though their focus is to get the foundations of their business sorted, ensuring the highest levels of service & quality for their customers, one-baby-step at a time!

Founder’s Brief Profiles

Divya Bajaj:

Divya Bajaj is a sportsperson, photographer, diver and globetrotter along with being a counselor turned crisis manager. Her passions lie in advocating the importance of marine life. Being in the education industry for 5 years, she has mastered the art of operations and business development. She loves her dogs, friends, and workout. Her love for building the community and adoption makes her determined to bring life to their mission statement of finding every dog a home.

Vikitha Hegde:

Vikitha Hegde comes from the world of advertising. But her first love has always been working with animals. While she excelled in the world of advertising, she made sure that she never gave up on her dream of working with animals. She has volunteered with various wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organizations around the city. Her goal in life is to work towards changing the way humans relate to animals and make the world a better place for both.

  1. Company Founded: Nov 1st 2017
  2. Website
  3. Team: 7members  (2 humans and 5 dogs)


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