Indian Schools Go Digital With EfeeOnline and Microsoft

Indian Schools going Digital with EfeeOnline and Microsoft (PRNewsfoto/EfeeOnline)


Microsoft India today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) to empower Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) Pro Suite’s teachers and students. MASP Pro Suite – which combines the benefits of Microsoft’s technology and e-payment solutions from EfeeOnline – is a value-based offering to equip schools with an integrated set of technology and innovative learning solutions. It also modernizes their campuses, drives transformation for enhanced learning experiences and prepares students for their future. With this partnership, the 55,000-member schools of NISA, spread across 23 states, can now avail MASP Pro Plus and EfeeOnline’s next-generation payment solutions to enhance teaching and learning.

EfeeOnline is integrated with the Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) as MASP Pro Suite. Additionally, EfeeOnline has a server-to-server connectivity with leading banks, providing solutions like payment from any device, at any time, with online receipts, school alerts, payment reminders and online dashboards to receive e-circulars from the schools.

Kulbhushan Sharma, President, National Independent Schools Alliance, said, “We are delighted to partner with Microsoft India and EfeeOnline to offer MASP Pro Plus to our member schools. This partnership will help us in our mission to create an enabling ecosystem for budget private schools to improve accessibility, affordability and quality of education.”

According to Roshini Kumar, President, EfeeOnline, “EfeeOnline will empower parents to pay the school fee from anywhere, in anyplace, during anytime and on any device using multimode payment services. Schools will be able to integrate the fee collection seamlessly with different payment platforms on EfeeOnline, and knock down the barriers between the home and the educational institution.”

Microsoft India and EfeeOnline will provide NISA’s schools with MASP Pro Plus to offer distinct benefits to educators and students. The benefits for educators include:

Microsoft Empowered Teacher Sessions: Webinars for teachers to help in content creation, collaboration tools in classrooms, Windows apps and coding, new technology concepts such as Cloud and IoT.

Virtual Master Training Programs: IT learning tools for educators to choose from.

Students, on the other hand, can benefit from services such as:

Microsoft Student Associate Engagement: Access to a series of four webinars in a month. Themes for student webinars include Productivity tools, Office 365, Skype, Yammer, Windows apps, Azure Concepts, Big Data & Internet of

Things, Entrepreneurship case studies and Gaming.

Developer Skills Curriculum access:The curriculum nurtures students’ inquisitiveness and imagination, enabling them to access a wide variety of resources and information.

Access to Microsoft’s ICT curriculum: This is aligned to the National ICT Policy.

EfeeOnline offerings:

– EfeeOnline ERP – on-premise / on-cloud, to create student’s data, fee demands, fee receipts and e-Circulars.

– The Parents Dashboard – for payment of fees and to receive e-Circulars from the schools

– The e-Governance Dashboard – to give a complete single window reporting to the management

– The mobile app – to allow parents to pay fee from anywhere, any place and on any device.

EfeeOnline Value Adds:

– Multimode Payment
– Debit Card
– Credit Card
– Net banking
– Direct Bank Collections – Server-to-server Connectivity
– UPI integration
– Mobile Payment
– Touch Card
– Digital Wallets

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