Indian Women Love SUVs Equally – Says Latest Survey

Indian Women Love SUVs Equally - Says Latest Survey


The Macho SUV has been worshipped by men for as long as they have been around. Guess what! Indian women are starting to succumb to their appeal.  According to the latest survey by PremonAsia, female Indian car buyers are equally attracted towards the big vehicles. The preference of women has shifted from their earlier fixation towards compact hatchbacks.

The survey titled, “The 2017 Women Automotive Buyer Survey” interviewed current women car owners from 28 cities of the country.  Currently, 61% women own a compact hatchback but their interest in the hatchback is dwindling. For example, only 49.1% of prospective buyers among women prefer the hatchback. These prospective buyers are going to shock the Auto Manufacturing industry with their planned purchase in next 6-12 months.

Additionally, 18.4% of women buyers currently own a sedan. However, 22.4% of women will opt for a sedan in the near future.  The biggest takeaway of this study lies in the SUV segment. Currently 13.3% female buyers own SUVs which will rise to 20.7% according to the survey.

According to the CEO of PrimonAsia, Rajeev Lochan, “The shift between owners to future owners is strongest in the SUV segment and the drop is strongest in hatchbacks which shows that the SUV craze is not just a male obsession, it is also very much a female phenomenon.Also, there are enough women buyers who attach importance to engine power and performance which is another myth buster.”

The survey also shed light on the average age for women to start driving. In metro towns, 42% of women start driving when they are 23 years old. This number dramatically rises to 60 to 62% in non-metro cities and state capitals.

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