Introducing the Champions of the World’s Largest Coding Contest



Its absolutely surreal winning the Worlds Biggest Coding Contest. With thousands of experienced coders participating, I didn’t expect to win this mega competition. I guess I am lucky, but I also feel at the end of the day it is my hard work that has finally paid off. The future of coding is very bright, and coding is definitely the skill to reckon with in the future, said Sameer Gulati, Code Gladiator 2017 Champion.

Twenty-year old Sameer’s victory, at the World Record Breaking Code Gladiators 2017, provided ample proof that a Tech Revolution is taking place where youth has overtaken experience, as reiterated in TechGig’s earlier findings, that while working professionals constituted 72% of the total participants, almost 70% of the top scorers in the qualifying round had less than 2 years of experience.

“We are privileged to be witnessing the dawn of a new era of technology, far from seeing a downturn, we are in the midst of a new awakening in the Indian IT Industry. The old guard is giving way to a new wave of young, bright and passionate technologists, and Sameer stands as a shining example of how far Indians are going to lead this new world order. I congratulate Sameer and all the other programmers who set a new world record at this event,” said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head of TechGig and TimesJobs.

The WinnerSameer Gulati, a student of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology won Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Cash, Trophy and Certificate Plaque.

The 1st runners-upRishi Vikram, a student of The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur won Rs. 2 Lakhs Cash, Trophy and Certificate Plaque.

The 2nd runners-upDilip Kasana from Mobileum India won Rs. 1.5 Lakh Cash, Trophy and Certificate Plaque. Dilip also won the Beat the Leader challenge and was awarded a further Rs. 1.5 Lakh Cash, Trophy and Certificate Plaque.

The TechGig Code Diva Award at Code Gladiators 2017 went to Deepika Rodda from Scientific Games India who won Rs. 50,000 Cash, Trophy and Certificate Plaque as the best female coder.

The company whose team scored the highest was the global consulting giant Deloitte, which won the ‘Coding Power House’ award. Vishal Sharma, Managing Director, Technology Lead, Deloitte Consulting, said, “I see TechGig Code Gladiators as a great opportunity for our employees to explore and scale their coding skills. It also positions us in a unique way to attract similar talent that can add value to our existing teams. Participating in a world record event like this helps our coders identify areas of improvement and embrace the latest in frameworks and technology advancements. Congratulations to TechGig and all the winners.”

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