A new startup called Cargo could be the answer to an added income for cab drivers

Drivers earn ‘relatively modest’ amounts from Cargo which could range from about $100 – $300 per month. However, drivers do not have to pay anything to install Cargo’s product cases


We’ve all been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in an Uber at some point in time and sat there wishing we carried our headphones or had something to maybe even munch on. A new startup called Cargo has come out offering those random tid-bit items we all look for mid-ride and it can even be the answer to an added source of income for cab drivers.

Founded in 2016, Cargo first tested their services in a few states across the US and later rolled it out on a national level.

Cargo partners with companies and brands to place things like protein bars, candy, tampons and even condoms in a case near the passengers. The case has a unique code for each driver which passengers use to record whatever they may have taken while riding.

While most of the items cost a dollar or two, other products are on offer for free. Drivers also get a little extra cash when passengers take things, even if it is for free. Cargo also allows passengers to tip drivers through its platform. Riders don’t have to download an app or anything since everything is mobile web-based.

The Cargo menu that passengers see

Reportedly, big brands and companies like Skittles and Quest Bars – who are always looking to reach out to customers in new ways – have partnered with the startup. They have also signed deals with startups like Lola and cookie brand Michel et Augustin, who also want to get their products in front of new consumers.

According to a Mashable report, the income that the drivers earn from Cargo is ‘relatively modest’ and could range from about $100 – $300 per month. However, drivers do not have to pay anything to install Cargo’s product cases in their cars.

Cargo CEO, Jeff Cripe, says their missions is “To help drivers earn more by providing the best ride experience possible.” While passengers get the benefits of having everyday essentials at their disposal, for drivers, Cripe says, “It’s an easy decision: Cargo costs nothing, we pre-pack each Cargo kit, ship replenishments to your home, deposit money directly into your bank account, and improve your ratings.”

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