Prarambh Retirement Township – A New Beginning of a Cherished Lifestyle for the 50+ Aged


he elderly population in India is growing by leaps and bounds, having almost doubled in the last 8 years. People who have lived their lives being active contributors to the economic growth of the country now suddenly find themselves on the fringe. Retirement comes with its own set of predicaments such as health issues, loneliness, personal security issues and dependency. For such active and dynamic people, retirement life thus becomes a crucial phase which needs to be addressed astutely.

This was the core issue that led two visionaries from Gujarat, Mr. Sachin Chaturvedi and Mr. Rajesh Jindal, to join hands and tackle this dilemma, devising the concept of Prarambh Retirement Township. It is an initiative which steps forward to offer a dedicated and dignified post-retirement lifestyle for those who have lived their prime years toiling hard.

A senior citizen, though retired, is endowed with superior intelligence backed up by years of experience which makes them eligible enough to demand a luxurious lifestyle for themselves. Most times, such elderly couples have their kids based in metros or even abroad, and are unable to cope with their lifestyles.

By introducing a secure and happy space for such folks, Prarambh Township not only provides an excellent living for like-minded people above the age of 50, it also supports the children to help their parents cope with the lifestyle changes post retirement . They are also considerably relieved of the relentless guilt of leaving their parents back home unattended.

Prarambh Retirement Township is a noble philosophy in today’s real estate market, the name itself signifies an auspicious beginning to retired life. It offers a sense of companionship between like-minded people who can share a slice of their life experiences with each other. They can participate in mutual festivities, celebrations, share hobbies or just develop friendships. The inventive duo aim to bring back the enthusiasm and zeal in the life of retirees by providing a lifestyle that fosters a sense of belonging in comfortable surroundings.

What does Prarambh offer?

Exclusively focused on crafting a luxurious residency imparting full comfort, security and care for the 50+ generation, Prarambh Retirement Township is located at a convenient distance from the city. As soon as you enter the gates, you get a glimpse of the impeccable planning and immaculate landscaping exemplified in every aspect of the project. 600 fully furnished ready to live in villas have been erected amidst the greenery and serene setting.

As Dr. Gautam Bhagat, one of the earliest members, put in words, “There may be 100s of properties in the city, but what we got at Prarambh is the true meaning of living a post-retirement life. We realized that there are other people out there who look for emotional appeal in a home, and not just monetary benefits.”

Life at Prarambh:

Prarambh is not just a township project but rather a selfless dream to create a profound lifestyle for the residents. Various events, cultural programs and festivities are organized on a regular basis to engage members and to promote camaraderie between them. Important occasions like anniversaries and birthdays of every member are celebrated with enthusiasm so that they never feel a pang of loneliness.

“We are extremely impressed with the township planning and the amenities provided at the Prarambh Township,” said Dr. Savita Sharma. She also quoted, “We are also encouraged to participate in various activities of choice such as music, painting, clay art etc. to keep a continuous flow of energy.” Laughing club, dedicated cycling and jogging track, temple, derasar and banking facilities are some of the major highlights from the array of amenities at Prarambh.

Worry-free Lifestyle:

“I have lived half of my life meeting people who focus more on minting money from the young generation in the name of property investment. Prarambh Retirement Township is the first one which emphasized on building a platform to celebrate the comfort and luxury of post-retirement life,” thinks Dr. P J Desai, a recent addition to Prarambh members.

Fully equipped with 24×7 hi-tech security and emergency button features installed throughout the villas, the township has been thoughtfully designed to include a clubhouse, community centre, centralized kitchen, hospital, shopping complex, multi-cuisine restaurant and other innumerable amenities.

Anti-skid flooring, grab bars in the toilet and two-way open bathroom doors are some of the detailing designed for senior citizen needs. Transport facilities like bus, cab and auto are available on call. Bank, ATM and Forex exchange are also present inside the premises. Several other facilities like cleaning, laundry, pest control are also provided to ensure 100% worry-free lifestyle.

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