Quality Council asks Govt to act

Quality Council asks Govt to act


Did your last online shopping experience ended in a disappointment? Fear not! You are not alone. Last year, Indian consumers registered the most number of cases against e-commerce giants. As a result, Quality Council of India (QCI) has suggested Indian government to publicly post these complaints and ‘name and shame’ the offenders.

If you have already paid a bomb for a faulty device, this news is unlikely to comfort you. However, relief would be coming soon for all online shoppers. More and more people have reached out to officials to report their terrible experiences. For example, the centre government in total received 12 lakh complaints at 88 ministries in 2016. On the other hand, in 2015 the government had received only 8.7 lakh complaints.

The total complaints include several issues ranging from illegal cow slaughter, digital set-top boxes, ban on porn websites and unsurprisingly perhaps – Air India’s services. E-commerce complaints are quite diverse in themselves too. These complaints include, “unclear guidelines for quality check of the products, lack of standardization of refund, delivery and exchange policy, no regulation on pricing and discount and poor customer service”.

According to QCI, one of the biggest problems with E-commerce websites is a lack of clear policy related to e-transactions. Such guidelines in future could dictate standard policies related to returns, exchange and delivery. Qualities of products are also a matter of concern. At the moment, such quality is kept in check by direct customer feedback shared on the e-commerce platform. However, some e-commerce websites still get away with terrible service standards and fraudulent practices.

Additionally, the QCI has directed central government to take actions on several issues. For example, citizens have raised a demand for a ban on porn websites. On this issue, the QCI has suggested the government to introduce an institutionalized mechanism to ban specific websites. QCI has also directed the government to upgrade IT infrastructure to deal with the menace of online porn. According to QCI, the government should ban websites using advanced technology and firewalls in the future.

On the issue of illegal cow slaughter, QCI believes that government has taken essential steps to address the grievances. On the other hand, QCI recommended several measures to improve Air India services. QCI recommended the government to make ‘Air Sewa’ application as a “one stop information dissipation channel”. Such a channel could help customers communicate their grievances effectively and receive a much better service in return.

QCI also recommended the government to provide better services at airports. Advanced security, check-in and immigration measures at airports are important to travelers. QCI has suggested the government to study airports in Singapore, Dubai, London and other major world cities. In future, hopefully returning to India would be a delight to sore eyes.

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