SHAREit becomes model case of a company’s rise in India’s fast growing market


Investors and entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities in a booming market regardless of what stage of development that market is in. From China more than a decade ago to India nowadays, industry leaders have always kept an eye on the Asian market, while India has replaced China as the market with the most potential and become a new driver of global economic growth.

Entrepreneurs from across the world are competing in India’s internet market. As a result, companies that deliver quality products to India’s immense number of consumers are building and consolidating a leading position in the global market. SHAREit is one such case.

From gaining 1 billion users worldwide within five years, to appearing on Google Play’s homepage over 700 times and claiming the number one spot on Google Play’s tools app chart in over 30 countries, SHAREit is providing hundreds of millions of users with the best possible content sharing experience, regardless of internet connection speeds. The app is becoming the preferred content distribution platform in emerging markets around the world while attracting more and more users.

The growth path of all great enterprises is inextricably linked to the growth path of the countries in which it has chosen to do business. This is no different in SHAREit’s case.

SHAREit bringing an entirely new approach to the concept of content sharing

SHAREit entered India many years ago, bringing an entirely new approach to the concept of content sharing to the country, a region which is now in a transition period of widespread adoption of the mobile web. With India still in an early stage of transformation when it comes to online, the company deployed their breakthrough Hotspot DirectAccess technology to solve the issues associated with slow internet speeds as a result of the lack of infrastructure. The technology allows high speed sharing despite the absence of a suitable internet connection, significantly increasing the rate at which music, video, and other types of files are being shared between different users.

The unprecedented rate at which content is being shared has resulted in innumerable users across India promoting the product voluntarily. Content sharing communities based on SHAREit can be easily found in Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities with large populations, especially among college students. In the last two years, popular “SHAREit on campus” events have further enhanced the relationship between college students and SHAREit. In addition, SHAREit has also become one of the most important channels through which users receive their daily news and information, even in small and medium-sized cities with underdeveloped internet connections.

SHAREit’s many special features, most notably the functionality that allows easy sending and receiving of files between acquaintances in the same group or network, is especially welcomed among Indian users. Through creating group-to-group sharing networks among acquaintances, SHAREit built sharing communities which make it easy to share the same file among all the members of a group or even several groups, no matter how large the number of people involved, eliminating the hassle of having to repeatedly “share” individually with each acquaintance or group of acquaintances.

SHAREit has launched the sharing zone in June this year, through which, friends can directly download content from the zone following the initial link up. The sharing zone will further improve SHAREit’s extreme sharing experience and truly achieving the complete removal of boundaries when it comes to content sharing.

To date, SHAREit, having operated in the market for five years, has attracted over 70 percent of India’s smartphone users with the rapid iteration of products and continually improving service experience. According to the 2017 Internet Trends Report recently released by renowned Internet industry watcher Mary Meeker, SHAREit has become one of the top three Internet apps in terms of download volumes from India in the Google Play app market, surpassing Facebook. The outstanding result was mainly attributable to the rapid development of the Indian market.

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