Skola Toys Unveils India’s First Learning Toys Range


BANGALORESeptember 19, 2017

Skola Toys today launched India’s first range of toys designed with learning at its core. The range is a distillate of over two decades of global research & development in Toy Design & Manufacture, Child Psychology & Child Education. Skola Toys are self-correcting & self-paced wooden toys that work together to help children aged 2-7 learn a variety of concepts in the areas of numbers, language, dexterity, environment, culture and cognition through play.

Skola Toys is the brainchild of Mridula Shridhar, VK Manikandan & Nitish Agrawal. Speaking on the concept of Skola Toys, Mridula Shridhar (Co-founder)  said, “Play is the highest form of consequential learning. It is always intrinsically driven, which means that the child already enjoys what she/he is doing. If learning is designed as play, we will have a set of extremely competent learners who are self-motivated to achieve more, besides being happy and confident.”

Skola Toys has been designed keeping Experiential & Sequential Learning Principles in mind, backed by child psychologists, child experts & educationists, across the globe. The Skola Toys range is crafted in the form of ‘Lands’ and ‘Journeys‘. A ‘Journey’ is a collection of toys that when played with sequentially inculcates a specific skill among children. ‘Land’ on the other hand is a collection of Journeys that caters to a broader area of skills. E.g. in the Land of language, alphabet & words are Journeys and they will work together to strengthen the child’s language skills. All Journeys are incrementally challenging and developmentally appropriate. At the moment, the range has 9 Journeys and 6 Lands.

“Over the last 25 years, the founding team has conceptualized, designed and manufactured thought-provoking educational materials for over 40,000 children in 10,000 schools in IndiaMiddle East and USA. And through Skola Toys, we are aiming to provide parents with toys that will supplement what their child learns at school, at home,” said VK Manikandan, Co-founder of Skola Toys. The founding team is also behind Kido Enterprises and Kreedo Early Education Centres.

About Skola Toys:

Skola Toys is India’s first range of toys designed with learning at its core. Made for children between 2 years and 7 years, Skola Toys’ design principles have been scientifically backed by child psychologists, child experts and educationists including Montessori teachers. Founded by Mridula Shridhar, VK Manikandan and Nitish Agrawal, Skola Toys was set up to fill the void that existed in the Early Learning and Learning Toy category for intelligently-designed toys. Skola Toys help children learn through play and also keeps them engaged. Skola Toys uses Experiential Learning and Sequential Learning through ‘Journeys’ & ‘Lands’ to help children pick up crucial skills in areas like gross motor, fine motor, sensorial, mathematics, language, social science, science, cognition & creativity.

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