T-Hub puts Indian startups on the global map

T-Hub puts Indian startups on the global map


Hyderabad, Jun 23

T-Hub, India’s fastest growing startup engine is playing a prominent role in enabling India and International startups to network with potential investors, clients and like-minded enterprises on a global platform through three acclaimed international conferences – Get in the Ring (GITR) (Singapore), CUBE Tech Fair (Berlin, Germany) and TiEcon (California, USA). Through these fora, T-Hub provides its startups with avenues to imbibe global trends, technologies and business models which not only allow shortlisted startups to showcase their offerings on the global stage, but also facilitates them to realign their goals with the acquired international exposure, a statement said here today.

Earlier this year, T-Hub hosted the India selection for GITR and Any Time Loan, a T-Hub nurtured app-based company that uses data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics to offer instant loans by connecting eligible borrowers with listed lenders, was the only startup from India to qualify for the global GITR conference in Singapore. Keerthi Kumar Jain, founder of ‘Any Time Loan’ and Winner of the Indian round of GITR said “Our experience at the GITR global competition was exceptional and truly rewarding not just because our team won the 1st prize from India but also because of the format of the competition, the judges panel, the exposure and enriching interactions with peers and startups from over 100 countries.

Personally, our association with an ideal ecosystem such as T-Hub has helped us realign our thoughts, energy and ideas towards a brighter future. The fact that T-Hub connects startups to mentors, corporates, investors, while attracting great talent and human resources, makes it an ideal choice for any international event that’s in search of budding Indian startups, a true catalyst in our journey to scale and succeed,” he said.

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