This is one of my favourite Mumbai photo because it captures the beauty of Mumbai at night. When you see the city at night, you just see the light and the flow of the housing without actually having a spotlight on the congestion, dirt or the degeneration of the city in that sense. Mumbai looks beautiful when you see it from high up at night. It was taken in October last year from the Imperial Towers in Tardeo.

For the new edition of my book, called Above Bombay, there is a whole section of night pictures taken from high vantage points. So, this is one from that series, which I have taken at night with long exposures to bring out the magic of the city. I was very pleased with it because it was sort of a golden hour – after sunset when you get the blueness of the city; it has come out nicely in this picture. I used a Nikon DSLR to shoot it. You have to take exposures at least 30 seconds long to try and get the flow of traffic. The first time I went, I was still figuring out how to do it, but after that I could do it quite smoothly. The timing is crucial, you have to be there to take these pictures just about half an hour to 45 minutes after sun down, otherwise you don’t get this kind of light.

This image shows the flow, almost like multiple rivers coming to a central node and it has got a nice blue cast. From a distance you can see a bit of the docks, which are also lit up. Night is like a blanket of purity to suppress all the dirt and the degeneration that we see in the city throughout the daytime.

Dr Jehangir Sorabjee is a physician and aerial photographer


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