Why You Should Study in Madrid


Madrid, Spain’s capital, is a thriving, fascinating metropolitan city and a great place to study. The city is in the ascendant, with a wave of new start-ups making the most of the inspirational atmosphere, a smart workforce, and — of course — the sunshine.

Here’s a look at why you should consider studying in Madrid.

All year round great weather

The weather might not seem like a serious reason to choose a study destination — but it is! Everyday life is so much easier in a city with very little rain, while the optimism (and Vitamin D) that comes with living in Europe’s sunniest city will inspire ideas and keep your morale up when study gets tough.

You’re not just choosing a place to study: you are choosing an experience. Which brings us to…

The food is great

Everybody loves tapas, right? And it’s the ideal, affordable way to balance your social life with the needs of a busy study schedule.

Alongside trendy new eateries boasting new interpretations of classic Mediterranean cuisine, you will find something very special: the oldest restaurant in the world, Restaurante Botin, which opened nearly 300 years ago and still wins awards today.

Madrid is affordable

One area Madrid ranks pretty low is cost! It’s reckoned to be the 49th most expensive city in Europe, with 17 European capitals that are pricier to live in, despite Madrid being the third largest.

While cities such as London (3rd most expensive) and Paris (10th) boast a big city feel and culture that appeals to many up-and-coming business students, Madrid offers a comparable buzz for a fraction of the cost.

Then there’s the football…

Okay, so not everyone’s into football. But even if you’re not, you’re still likely to get swept up in the excitement of Madrid’s football scene. (And if you remain immune, the art scene is pretty compelling too).

Madrid lives and breathes football. It is home to two world-class teams, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid. Real are arguably the world’s greatest team – they’ve won the last three Champions League tournaments and have been champions of Europe 13 times in total. The competition between Atlético and Real is historically fierce, with their rivalry bound up in the complex political history of the region.

Real’s stadium is historic and well-known for its atmosphere, created by its incredibly steep stands. The stadium tour gives you access to more than you might expect, including the changing rooms and dugout. It’s a sporting and cultural treat.

It’s just so pretty

While you can ‘do’ Madrid in a weekend, it will never really be enough – because not only is there so much to see, but the city’s beauty can surprise you anew every day. Clear your hard drive, because you’ll probably fill your phone with photographs.

Evening drinks overlooking the city from the top of the Palacio de Cibeles, a walk past the Beaux-Arts architecture of the Edificio Metrópolis Building, and a shopping trip along ornate Gran Vía are excellent ways to appreciate the built environment.

El Parque de Retiro, the Royal Botanical Garden, The Madrid Rio ‘urban beach,’ and CaixaForum’s vertical garden are refreshing examples of people and nature working together. Also, world-class galleries and churches offer respite from the beating sun as you navigate Madrid’s magnificent landscape.

One place you can study in Madrid and sample all of this

But you’re going there to study, right?

Geneva Business School’s Madrid Campus is brand new, centrally located just minutes from the Royal Palace, and easily accessible via the city’s affordable public transport system. Surrounded by 30 research centers and a large number of incubators and accelerators, it’s the ideal environment to develop and test your entrepreneurial ideas and instincts and gain experience, alongside the pleasure of daily life in the city.

A degree at Geneva Business School in Madrid is an investment in your career and yourself.

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