Women Changemakers Successfully Host Their Second Gender Diversity Career Fair in Gurugram


Women Changemakers, the newest entrant in the gender diversity hiring space in India, successfully hosted their second niche career fair and confluence to connect female jobseekers with gender diversity-conscious employers.

The event held at Gurugram’s Hotel Leela Ambience saw over 500 excited jobseekers throng to the venue. The programme began with the launch of their career portal for women by the same name (Women Changemakers), followed by talks by eminent personalities like Bhawna Agarwal from NDTV’s Gadget360.com, Shaili Chopra from SheThePeopleTV and renowned actor and national award winner Ashish Vidyarthi, in addition to speakers from participating companies. The speakers touched upon diverse topics like work-life balance for career women, entrepreneurship for women and how gender diversity hiring is a cultural issue in companies. The talks addressed multiple problems being faced by career women in India and were well-received by the audience.

The talks were followed by the career fair where companies like Indus Towers, ThoughtWorks, RBS, Expedia, Microsoft, ApusApps and American Express participated. The companies showcased their gender diversity and inclusion initiatives, and also interacted one on one with visitors at their booths, fielding queries from enthusiastic jobseekers and accepting job applications on the spot. These companies also made the career fair exciting for attendees by running fun contests and giving away goodies to winners. The HackerZone, where hiring challenges were administered on Stockroom’s evaluation platform Stockroom.io, saw a lot of activity, with attendees queuing up to take the challenges.

“Today, a diverse and inclusive workforce is not just a business imperative, but a competitive advantage for organisations. Organisational culture might very well be a deciding factor, in sustaining a company that stays true to its objectives. Organisations are investing in long-term diversity and inclusivity programs, comprehensive policymaking and customised leadership programs. And discerning leaders are focusing on building a safe workplace that is driven by the ‘culture of belonging’,” said Tina Vinod, Head of Diversity and Inclusivity Initiatives for ThoughtWorks India.

“Women Changemakers, the diversity vertical of Stockroom.io is a small step in the direction of helping reduce the gender diversity gap in Indian companies. Diversity hiring was the most talked about problem of our client companies (Stockroom). What started off as a few diversity-specific hiring challenges, which were well-received by our clients, ended giving us the confidence to extend this to other services like career fairs, networking events and now a full-fledged career portal for women,” says Naren Krishna, co-founder and COO at Stockroom.

“Reducing the gender diversity gap at workplaces is the need of the hour and also on the leadership goals of most organisations. However, with areas like revenue growth, product innovation demanding to be prioritized, organisations might not be able to focus on diversity hiring as much as they’d like to. Women Changemakers helps organisations with their diversity hiring needs,” says Hari Krishna, co-founder and CEO at Stockroom.

“Our ‘by invite only’ career fairs and online career portal connect active jobseekers and companies and list jobs, events and other resources. For middle to senior management hiring and tapping into the passive candidates talent pool, we design customised programs such as Leader Connect Sessions, Openhouses, Tech Talks, etc. to suit the needs of your organization. This is our second career fair, and with the launch of our career portal, we have a promising journey ahead,” stated Nisha Thomas, Community Manager for Women Changemakers.

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